Heather's Hatchery

Working to save from extinction critically- endangered breeds of Duck, Chicken, Peafowl, Junglefowl and Pheasant.

Heather's Hens

Heather's Hens produce delicious organic eggs high in protein, Omega 3 and 6's and reduced in cholesterol. With a distinct buttery taste Heather's Hens are fed an all organic soy-free diet enriched with all natural supplements. The natural good health of the chicken is surely passed to the egg. Conserve endangered breed poultry one delicious organic egg at a time with Heather's Hens.

Black Bear Delight

Organic raw honey from top bar Warre hives. This rich raw honey has notes of Wild Raspberry, Multiflora Rose and Mountain Laurel. Bees are supplemented with a high protein organic pollen cake during winter and early spring and fall.

Organic Sprouts & Vegge

Organic Brussels Sprouts, Tomato, Buckwheat Sprouts, Cucumber, Lettuce, Heritage Tomato

Honey Hollowed Ground

Rich organic compost & peat from organic chicken, equine & worm

Wolfpound Stables

Zonkies, Horses, & rare breed fowl