2013-2015 Stock

Cubalaya Jungle Fowl *Threatened

Saipan chickens *Critically Endangered

Blue Andalusian Chickens *Critically Endangered

Ancona Ducks *Critically Endangered

Black & Blue Silkie Bantam Chickens

Black Sumatra Chickens *Critically Endangered

Mille Fleur Belgian Bearded d'Uccle Micro Bantams

Sri Lankan (Ceylon) Junglefowl

Red shouldered Yokoama Oriental Game Fowl

Bantam Serama

Golden & Silver Laced Sebright Bantam

Black Shouldered Indian Blue Peacocks

Green & Pied Peacocks

Phoenix *Threatened

Yellow Golden Mutant Pheasants

Bantam Frizzle Cuckoo Cochin

Ring Neck Pheasants

Giant Polish TopHat

Button Quail


Fertile egg packages mailed are marked "DO NOT XRAY* "LIVE ANIMALS* and eggs are packaged in breathable material. Heather's Hatchery Fertile Hatching eggs have a high hatch rate.

Heather's Hatchery specializes in conservation of critically endangered breeds of poultry. Breeding pairs are selected from unrelated high quality stock. Birds are both beautiful, viable and trainable.

Temperament, color, physique and viability are key factors in the breeding program. Birds with undesirable heritage traits are kept as layers and compost foragers.

Those in breeding and exhibition programs are kept in optimal health with all natural diet and free foraging during spring fall and summer. In winters birds are kept under radiant light which maintains laying and extends breeding schedules.

Heather's Hens are bred for egg production, exhibition and as pets.