Heather's Hens organic eggs are gourmet low-cholesterol free-range organic eggs from rare breed poultry. Heather's Hens eggs have a rich deep golden-orange yolk and are high in omega 3 and 6's and have less cholesterol compared to store-bought eggs due to their special diet. The Yolk sac is firm and glistening and holds up well during separation. The flavor of the egg is well-balanced, buttery and non-gamey. Chicken, Duck, Pheasant, bantam breeds, Peafowl and quail eggs assortments are available. All product are suitable for master chef select dishes.

Heather's Hens are raised by hand from the egg and only served organic leafy greens and soy-free feed by Green Mountain Farms in Vermont and supplemented with organic flax seed which reduces the cholesterol of the egg. Hens graze in organic fields which are protected from pesticides or other chemicals. Because everything the hens consume can pass to the egg every food, water source and grazing surface is scrutinized. Heather's Hens are never fed antibiotics or chemical wormers to protect the natural quality of the egg. Heather's Hens consume only reverse-osmosis filtered water and have free access to bird seed blocks, electrolytes and oyster shell to improve the quality of the shell and protect their bones from calcium loss.

Every evening Heather's Hens and roosties are fed a high protein mash of wheat bran, organic pellet, flax seed mash, oatmeal with kale, berries, root Vegge and a selection of worms which keeps the fowl in prime health and happiness.

Organic Eggs from Heather's Hens are packaged in recycled all natural wood fiber or recycable plastic and available to fine chef's and markets in New York and Connecticut.

Heather Hen's are raised from the egg and fed an all organic diet since hatch. Through the life of the laying hen, animals are treated naturally. If an animal is sick, they are quarantined in a heated room and fed vitamin Supplements and given rest. Any ailments are delivered natural solutions so that the quality of the egg is paramount. Natural remedies for parasite and worm control including garlic and apple cider vinegar. If a hen is feather pecked, the hen will be given a rub of vitamin E, Tea Tree oil and talk, a heating blanket and hot mash. If the animal needs medical care beyond natural remedies, the hen is not euthanized but treated and retired from egg production.

Heather's retired Hen's and Roosters enjoy free-ranging at the compost heap where Honey Hollowed ground is made. All animals enjoy a rich, long and happy life at Honey Hollow Farms.